Fast forward into Summer in Niseko

Feb 27, 2023

Beyond Winter

World famous for the abundance of wonderful powder in winter, Niseko also holds another not-so-hidden secret. That is Niseko beyond winter.

When the big white melts away in favor of the warmer pleasant temperatures of the rest of the year it opens to a whole different world full of plenty of fun in the sun and nature under stunning blue skies during the day and star-filled wonders at night.

Starting off with cherry blossoms in spring and ending with the amazing colors of autumn, the summer in Niseko has all sorts of outdoor activities for you to enjoy including golf, fishing, cycling, hiking, and road-tripping not to mention the delicious seasonal food and beverages.

Cycling in Niseko

Summer in Niseko is a cyclist’s dream, with everything from wide open roads to challenging vertical hill climbs offering rewarding views when you reach the top. Many cyclists enjoy looping around Mt Yotei in the morning or heading out to lake Toya and riding around the lake and stopping off for a swim or lunch at one of the many beautiful stops around the lake. With truly stunning views at every turn be sure to take your camera or phone to snap some magical pics along the way.

If you’re a more serious rider and looking to test your skills against some of the best in Japan and teams from around the Globe there are several events throughout the year. The Niseko Classic which is one of Hokkaido’s largest road races and The Niseko Hill Climb are among some of the best and attract both domestic riders and riders from all over the world.

Fishing in Niseko

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Fishing in Niseko and its outer regions is a fantastic experience. The rivers flowing through the area are some of the cleanest in Hokkaido if not the world. They are well stocked with a variety of fish including Chum, Cherry and Red- Spotted Masu Salmon, Whitespotted Char, Ayu, Stone Loach, Dolly Varden Trout, Brook Trout, and the Japanese Huchen.

It is recommended to book a local guide to get you in the right spots but there are also plenty of spots where you can just pull up with the family and set up the BBQ and throw a few lines in the water and teach the kids how to fish.

The most popular methods are fly fishing, and lure fishing, but if that sounds like too much work you also can’t go wrong with a box of good old garden worms from the local Homac store and a hook and sinker.

They sell everything you would need to have a fantastic day by the water enjoying nature.

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