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The Vale Rusutsu
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TVR (The Vale Rusutsu) Dual-Key 2


Unit Type: Dual-Key 2

Deluxe Mountain Multi-Suite

1 Bedroom Suite + 1 Bedroom Corner Suite
2BR 2Bath
109.93 sqm
Floors 3-7

1st Year Projected Net ROI: 4.8%

This option incorporates apartment Type 1 and Type 2, each being a self-contained one-bedroom unit of slightly different sizes. Optimised usage allows for these apartments to either be opened up as a two-bedroom residence or as two, separate one-bedroom units.

This is ideal for maximizing returns and gives buyers the flexibility of using their apartments in different ways.

When staying with family or friends, buyers can open up these spaces and use them together as a larger two-bedroom apartment. Alternatively, when buyers visit in a smaller group, they can stay in one of the one-bedroom units while renting the other out.

Likewise with all unit types, these Dual-2 units are available on either side of the building and therefore come with a choice of view aspect.

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Two Bedroom