Purchase Process

Part I: Title Transfer Document Preparation

1. Purchase Related Cost

NISADE sends it to the buyer. It includes all purchase related costs.

  • Property purchase price
  • Solicitor fee
  • Taxes

2. Offer Acceptance

3. Draft of Contracts Prepared by NISADE

  • Sale and purchase agreement
  • Statement of important matters
  • It takes 2-3 business days from step 2

4. Contract Signing by both Seller and Buyer

Basically we request you sign by “Right Signature” (online signing platform)

5. Deposit Statement

The buyer needs to pay it to the solicitor’s trust account in Japan. The solicitor releases it to the seller when both the buyer and seller have signed the contract, and the buyer has approved the transfer.

6. Title Transfer Document Preparation

The solicitor prepares two documents:

  • Power of Attorney (POA): gives solicitor the authorization to transfer the title
  • Affidavit: Stamped/sealed by Notary Public

These documents are emailed to you by NISADE.

Part II: Closing

7. Documents Executed

Once you’ve signed and had the documents notarized by Notary Public in your country, you need to send the hard copies to NISADE.

8. Settlement Statement Issued by NISADE

9. Settlement Funds

The buyer needs to pay it to the solicitor’s trust account one week prior to settlement.

10. Settlement

The day before settlement, Nisade will request funds and confirm all is in order to settle. Settlement takes place.

11. New Title Deed

It takes two weeks for the new title deed to be issued from the settlement.

12. Sale Reconciliation

  • Once the new title deed is issued, Nisade will contact you and ask for sending address.
  • NISADE will send you the new title deed and reconciliation document.

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