Project Management

At NISADE, we believe that excellent project management can be predictably controlled by prioritizing client communication, reporting, firm documentation, and systemized task controls.

NISADE is a highly experienced project manager in the Niseko region and, moreover, we are committed to continuous improvement. Our client-focused, risk-adverse team is prepared to develop your dream!

At NISADE, we believe that excellent project management can be predictably controlled using proficient project management. Holding true to our experience and driving forward with constant improvement. We focus on client communication, reporting, firm documentation and systemized task controls; Nisade believes in risk averse project management.


Nisade’s services continue after construction. We Operate and Property Manage many of the projects that we have had a role in developing. We also work closely with other developers on projects in the local area. Nisade also provides Facility Management & Maintenance, making sure that investments are cared for.


Behind any development’s success is the precise calculation of risk and return. When developing for an international buyer, creating a scenario of possibilities with a focus on cashflow and projections is vital. This key methodology needs stringent application to ensure the client is fully versed in their project returns prior to commencing the journey.


Nisade advocates developing sustainable products and esthetics that merge with the natural environment. Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) is not difficult to structure into any building and with some forward planning and can be positioned into most facets of the development.

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Scope of Services

NISADE offers a “Total Project Service”. As your personal development consultants, we will drive your project forward from concept to completion, through marketing and real estate sales, and into operation and facility management. Our services are highly customized to meet the needs of every client and project without compromising our core commitment to quality.

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